DP World opens three major new sites in Romania after a €130m investment

DP World opens three major new sites in Romania, providing a significant boost to the country’s growing status as a key hub of European trade. The new sites are located in Constanta and Aiud.

Constanta is now home to two new facilities following a €65 million investment: a 5-hectares ‘project’ cargo terminal for heavy, large and complex cargo, and a new ‘roll-on, roll-off’ (RO-RO) terminal that will handle up to 80,000 vehicles per year at its peak.

A further €50 million will be invested in a new multi-transport platform in Constanta that will open in 2025. DP World’s third new facility is in Aiud, which is now home to a new 8-hectares ‘intermodal’ logistics hub connecting rail and road.

DP World anticipates that its latest investments will encourage and enable major businesses to relocate or expand manufacturing facilities in the region. This so-called ‘nearshoring’ and ‘reshoring’ has become increasingly prevalent in Europe in recent years.

For example, automotive already makes up 13% of Romanian GDP, with Mercedes-Benz, Renault-owned Dacia and Ford all manufacturing in the country. Automotive firms are also increasingly investing in neighbouring Hungary and Poland and nearby Turkey.

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