Over 10,000 asylum applications were registered in 2023. A quarter are from Bangladeshis

Immigration Police Romania
Immigration Police Romania | Photo by: facebook.com/imigrari

Over 10,000 asylum applications were registered in 2023, most of them being submitted by citizens of Bangladesh and Syria, according to the General Inspectorate for Immigration data.

Thus, from the total of 10,157 registered asylum applications last year, most were from citizens of Bangladesh – 2,821, Syria – 1,955, Pakistan – 1,231, Nepal – 871 and Sri Lanka – 528.

During 2023, 1,500 foreigners benefited from integration programs. Their countries of origin are Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Ukraine and Iraq. The most requests were registered in Timiș – 8,295, Bucharest – 1,128, Maramureș – 245 and Giurgiu – 242.

Asylum applications can be submitted in person by foreigners on the territory of Romania or at a border crossing check point. For underage foreigners, asylum applications are submitted by the legal representative.

Almost 19,800 illegal migrants, over 16% higher than in 2022, were stopped last year by the Romanian Police. Most cases were registered on the border with Hungary, upon exit, and on the border with Ukraine, upon entry into the country.

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