Over 3,000 guns seized by police in 2023. Almost half are lethal

Police officers from Weapons, Explosives and Dangerous Substances Department seized 3,030 firearms, of which 1,416 lethal, 1,547 non-lethal subject to authorization, 67 non-lethal subject to notification and 201,092 ammunition.

At national level, in 2023, 2,396 crimes specific to the field of weapons and ammunition were detected, 3.7% more than the previous year. 1,803 were for non-compliance with the arms and ammunition regime, 86 for the unauthorized use of a weapon, and 61 for qualified smuggling.

In Romania, 70,000 people legally hold weapons permits. The police issued an average of almost 5,800 permits per year over the past 10 years: 5,735 in 2019, 5,016 in 2020, 5,734 in 2021 and 5,833 in 2022.

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