Romania among the easiest European countries to become a citizen

Romania ranks seventh in the top of the easiest European countries to access, with over three in 50 (6.3%) non-EU residents becoming a citizen, acoording to a CanadaCIS study.

Also, Bulgaria and Romania have the largest citizenship gender gaps in favor of men. In both countries, around 45% more men received national status than women.

Sweden is the easiest, with almost one in ten (9.3%) non-EU residents acquiring citizenship, over double the EU average. Also, it has the highest acceptance rates for both men and women compared to other countries.

Most Northern European countries were the easiest to become nationals of, with Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Finland having among the highest citizenship rates. Denmark is the only Northern country not included.

Hardest European countries to get citizenship

Estonia ranks as the hardest country for non-EU residents to become citizens of. It has the lowest average percentage of residents who gain citizenship, at around one in 200 (0.6%).

Latvia, Czechia, and Lithuania are the next three hardest countries to become citizens of, with less than 1% of its non-EU residents gaining citizenship, compared to the European average of 3.56%. 

The nations ranked fifth through ninth – Austria, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Germany – grant less than one in fifty (2%) non-EU residents citizenship.

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