Bucharest amongst the Top-10 highest shares of adults working in brain jobs

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In Bucharest, 16.3 percent of adults are employed in brain business jobs, amongst the Top-10 highest shares in Europe. In average, 5.8 percent of adult europeans work in brain business jobs, according to ECEPR.

Also, 44.1 percent of adults in Bucharest are employed in high-value-creating jobs, over the average European region (31.2 percent of adults are employed in high-value-creating jobs).

In total numbers, there are 239.300 brain business jobs in Bucharest, slightly lower than 285.400 in Warsaw and 253.300 in Budapest, but higher than 162.400 in Prague.

IT services is the most common brain business job in Bucharest, with 71.300 employed in companies in this sector. Additionally, 38.100 are employed in engineering & architecture , while 31.200 work in high-tech manufacturing.

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In all previous editions of this index, Bratislava had the highest concentration of brain business jobs per capita. This year Budapest climbs to the number one spot, followed by Bratislava and Prague on third place.

The Geography of Europe’s Brain Business Jobs is an index that since 2017 has studied the geography of knowledge-intensive jobs in Europe. The index measures the share of the working-age population across Europe employed in highly knowledge-intensive enterprises.

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