More than 42,000 electric cars registered in Romania, 16.800 in 2023

electric car
Image by Freepik

Over 42.000 electric are registered in Romania, 16,800 being newly registered in 2023 (35 percent more than in 2022), according to LEKTRI.CO data.

In December 2023, 1.454 electric cars were registered, down 38 percent compared to the same period last year. The best month of 2023 for electric cars sales was July – with 2.134 newly registered vechicles.

Dacia Spring exceeded the threshold of 16.000 registered vehicles, in total, maintaining its leading position, with 6.877 units registered last year alone. The 2nd and 3rd places are occupied by Tesla models Y and 3.

As for charging infrastructure, in January 2024, there are 4.967 public chargers in Romania. 1.509 are CCS/CHAdeMO and 3.396 Type 2, distributed in 2.067 locations. The Tesla Supercharger network has reached 62 points.

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