Nicolae Tonitza paintings top art auctions sales in Romania in 2022

Nicolae Tonitza self portrait
De la Nicolae Tonitza - Raoul Șorban, Nicolae Tonitza, Meridiane, 1965, Domeniu public,

Nicolae Tonitza paintings are the best-selling pieces at art auctions in Romania in 2022, with total sales of almost 517,000 euros, accordint to data.

In second place comes Nicolae Grigorescu with eight works purchased for the total amount of 469,718 euros, and in third place – Ştefan Câltia, with fifty-eight works, sold for the total amount of 343,145 euros.

Samuel Mutzner, with thirty-seven works sold for a total of 343,142 euros; Ion Ţuculescu – with eight works, for 298,545 euros; Ştefan Petraşcu – with twenty-five works, for 242,845 euros; Felix Aftene – with thirty-six works, at 226,938 euros, are next in the 2022 list of the best-selling artists.

Corneliu Baba – with twenty-five works, for 212,424 euros; Sabin Bălaşa – with twenty works, at 208,000 euros and Constantin Piliuţă, with sixty-five works, at 182,626 euros, complete the top ten.

In 2021, Ion Ţuculescu led top ten of the best-selling artists at art auctions in Romania – total sales of 776,826 euros for twenty auctioned works.

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