People graded President Klaus Iohannis at an average mark of 3,8 out of 10

Ai generated President Klaus Iohannis | Photo by: Hacking Work

After 9 years of presidential mandate, the activity of President Klaus Iohannis is evaluated with an overall average of 3.80 by 200,000 Romanian citizens who gave him grades on the “Klaus’ Grades” platform.

The worst grades were given for the appointments of the prime ministers (general average 3.00) and for the way he fulfilled the electoral promises of 2014 and 2019 (“Romania Lucrului Bine Făcut” and “Normal Romania”), in both subjects final average being 3.10.

The best marks, although still below 5, were awarded for Country Representation (average of 4.60), Military Leadership and Defense of the Country (average of 4.50), and Crisis Management (average of 4.40).

Consequently, according to school standards in Romania, the evaluation results for the president of the country are lower than the minimum grade required to pass.

Until January 3, 2024, Romanian citizens were invited to provide marks from 1 to 10 in an open online catalog, which illustrates the degree of satisfaction with the way the country’s president has fulfilled his duties.

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